Specialty Services

Beyond the Core Services we provide for every small business, we also have SBDC Centers and Advisors focused specifically on Manufacturing and Technology, Export Assistance and Latino Owned Businesses.

Ohio SBDC Manufacturing and Technology Center

With a number one U.S. manufacturing ranking in multiple product industries, Ohio has proven itself to be one of the best business climates in the country.

Central Ohio has the greatest market access of any U.S. metropolitan area. Ohio’s transportation infrastructure is within 622 miles of 60 percent of all U.S. and Canadian manufacturing. Ohio has a diverse economy and a competitive tax structure ranking 3rd in the nation for the lowest tax rate on new capital investments.

Manufacturing resources abound in Ohio and our Ohio SBDC Manufacturing and Technology Center has the linkages to connect you and support any manufacturing need.

To learn more about the services provided by our manufacturing center and how we can help grow your business click here.

Ohio SBDC Export Assistance Network

Less than 1% of America’s 30 million companies export. Of that 1%, 58% only export to one country. What does this mean for you? It means that as a small business there is an untapped market waiting for you to sell internationally.

Access to markets worldwide is greater than ever due to technology and improvements in trade finance and trade agreements. Now is the time for small businesses to take advantage of this access and increase their global market share. As an exporting company you also stand to gain the advantages in being able to grow sales faster and create more jobs than non-exporting companies.

“According to a study published by the Institute for International Economics, U.S. companies that export not only grow faster, but are nearly 8.5 percent less likely to go out of business than non-exporting companies.” (trade.gov) Exporting companies are able to better survive fluctuations in the U.S. economy.

To learn more about exporting and the resources we have available to assist you click here.

Ohio SBDC Latino Center

Hispanic-owned businesses are expected to grow to more than 3.22 million this year, representing a staggering growth rate of 43% since 2007 (2014 projection). The figure is more than double the growth rate for all U.S. firms.

According to the same report, the growth rate for all U.S. firms between 2007 and 2014 is estimated at 20.2%. The most recent data shows the Latino share of all new entrepreneurs is 20.4%, compared to 16% a decade ago.

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